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Top 3 Methods to Sticker Cutting

Posted on March 2, 2021, by Progressive Printing Team

Have you ever peeled a fresh new sticker off its backing and the sticker ripped apart or did not peel at all? If you have, then you can understand the frustration caused by badly cut stickers and if you haven’t then say thanks to your printers for using the correct cutting methods. Sticker cutting is essential in the overall process of printing stickers, without it then a sticker would be useless. The top 3 methods to sticker cutting are: Die-Cut, Kiss Cut, and Transfer Cut.


Top 3 Methods to Sticker Cutting - Die Cut

Die cut stickers are cut directly through the vinyl sticker and backing to form a custom shape of your choosing. Die cut stickers are great for promotional items, swag bags, or simply to have at checkout for your customers to take. They are clean cut, easy to peel and visually appealing. Normally these stickers have a cut and peel feature on the backing making it easier to peel apart. Lastly, these stickers are the most popular method since they are aesthetically pleasing and easy to handle.

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Sticker Guide for Beginners 

Posted on December 2, 2020, by Progressive Printing Team

Sticker Guide for Beginners 

What is a sticker?

You may be reading this to get more information on stickers and their various uses, maybe you just need some ideas for your business or maybe you’re looking for a new hobby. Whatever the reason may be, this sticker guide for beginners will answer your questions.

For the ultimate beginner, a sticker is a label that has adhesive that will stick to an object when pressure is applied. Stickers print on various materials with a variety of illustrations. 

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What is a Banner?

Posted on August 7, 2020, by Progressive Printing Team

A beginners guide to understanding banners

To start off, what is a banner? A banner is a large piece of cloth that has an advertisement or endorsement written across it and is normally hung by all four corners. If you are looking for a way to add a bit of advertisement to your company then a banner is the best place to start. They are practical, affordable, and easy to install.

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How do I start a plumbing business?

Posted on March 14, 2019, by Progressive Printing Team

Starting a plumbing business is probably easier than finding a slab leak and much more rewarding. You get to make your own decisions, decide what kind of jobs to do and you get to delegate who cleans out the clogged pipes! It’s a dirty job but someone else can do it!

However, when you’re the boss you are now responsible for every aspect of the business. Failure depends on how well you’re able to plan ahead, your understanding of finances and laws, ability to market yourself and your skills and experiences.

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4 Things to Get Printed Before Opening a Contracting Business

Posted on , by Progressive Printing Team

Opening a new business is stressful. You’ve probably already checked off some very important things to do before starting your business like find an office location or mulling over your business plan at least a hundred times.

There are so many little details to gather before you open your doors. But what about those small but very important printed materials that are essential in day to day operations? Forgetting you needed a specific invoice or something as important as business envelopes could add unnecessary stress.

Before you open your doors, there are 4 things to get printed before opening a contracting business:

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How to start an electrical contracting business

Posted on September 24, 2018, by Progressive Printing Team

Starting an electrical contracting business from the ground up takes bravery, passion, money and a message you want to deliver. No matter what industry it is, you’re probably branching out on your own because you see a need for something and you feel you have the answer clients are seeking.

Whatever that need is, it’s probably also got a lot to do with being your own boss. Creating your own business is going to take a lot of focus and whether or not you fail will depend on your business ethics.

Starting an electrical business requires a license and training, learning about permits, insurance, tools of the trade and a business plan.

Obtaining a Electrician’s License

If you’re thinking about starting an electrical business, odds are you already have a license and the years of experience and apprenticeship required. If not, then now is the time to start working toward your license. Licensed electricians are required to know how to read blueprints, install electrical wiring and fixtures, using specialized equipment, and knowing building codes and the proper safety protocol.

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5 Steps Before Starting a Business

Posted on August 24, 2018, by Progressive Printing Team

Planning to open your own business

Starting your own business is a life changing decision that doesn’t happen overnight. This process will take time, money, dedication, commitment and a strong will to succeed. There are many things to consider and many more steps to take once you have a good foothold. Lets take a look at a few things you should think about before starting a business.

  1. Choosing the right profession
  2. Education and Training
  3. Where will your office be?
  4. Create a business plan
  5. Get a lawyer’s advice

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The 5 Benefits of Work Uniforms for Your Business

Posted on June 26, 2018, by Progressive Printing Team

Work uniforms aren’t just t-shirts. They project a professional image and, quite effortlessly, promote your company at the same time. At, our work t-shirts are designed with your specific needs in mind, made with the highest quality of screen printing standards. Why? Because we believe every employee deserves to feel comfortable, and your business deserves to stand out. What makes work uniforms so special, you ask? Read on!

1. Professional Image: As mentioned above, work uniforms aren’t just pieces of fabric–they’re also a first impression. Much like handing out a business card, work uniforms tell a lot about your company. From the color and design, to the wording you choose to include, it all makes a difference at first glance. Selecting the appropriate uniform for your employees can help in establishing a professional business look. The best part? You get to decide what goes on your work t-shirt. Your logo, your slogan, and any design you feel best reflects your brand!

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The Benefits of Workflow Automation to the Printing Industry

Posted on May 29, 2018, by Progressive Printing Team

With media consumption at an all-time high, it is no surprise that businesses are in high demand of not only office supplies, but marketing materials that help keep their brands alive. Competitive pressures continue to rise, forcing the printing industry to adapt its methods to achieve superior efficacy. Workflow automation has proven highly effective to printing companies catering to the needs of a diverse clientele.

What is workflow automation exactly? It refers to a process (automation software) that replaces manual and paper-based processes by incorporating automated tools to help with repetitive tasks–such as digital or content output. Essentially, it gives humans a break. Workflow automation is not just about replacing manual labor, it’s also faster, cheaper, and increases efficiency by reducing errors.

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How to Make Your Company Stand Out in a Drastically Digital World

Posted on April 25, 2018, by Progressive Printing Team

Social Media AdvertisingWith continuous advances in technology, industries of all kinds are working hard to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in order to remain a top contender. More so than ever before, businesses are using digital marketing techniques to promote their brand–and while the printing industry may seem like an ancient concept, according to recent reports, print is not only coming back with a bang, it’s also trending.

A 2017 article published by PrintingImpressions stated that Idealliance is anticipating that commercial printing industry sales will grow 1.5% to 3.0% in 2018. Why the sudden increase in sales? For one, successful marketing (in this day and age) is largely equated with how well a company can advertise through personalization and visualization. In fact, the marketing realm relies heavily on visually communicating with the customer. More and more businesses are coming up with creative ways to use digital media to spread their message and raise brand awareness. With the revival of print, you don’t only have to stand out online, there’s an entire offline world ready to be explored. Equipped with some pointers from our fellow Vistaprint Corporate, and thorough research of our own, we’re here to tell you what your company can do to not get lost in the digital crowd.

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