Best Scanning Practices

Posted on December 20, 2012, by Progressive Printing Team

Color-Post-cardsSo what’s the best way to scan a document for custom printing? Well, scanning a document has to do with: What is being scanned? & How is the scanned file being used?

When scanning a document, what you are doing is creating a 2nd generation copy of that document. As a general rule, your scanned copy will never be as good as the original.  You will always lose quality, clarity and color scans will end up with saturated colors as well as lose of sharpness and detail.

There are ways to scan a document which will help minimize some of these negative outcomes.

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Marketing with Business Cards

Posted on December 11, 2012, by Progressive Printing Team

One of the most effective and readily available tools at any business’ disposal is their business cards.  As every business person knows, the best referral is one that is given to you by someone else.

This type of referral reinforces the confidence and basically qualifying you and your business.

A well designed business card is the most important marking tool. It’s compact, it can be visually compelling, has all your contact information, it can contain coupons, it’s low cost and it is tangible. Unlike an email, you can touch a business card, put it in your pocket and retrieve it without use of a computer.

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