Top 3 Methods to Sticker Cutting

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Have you ever peeled a fresh new sticker off its backing and the sticker ripped apart or did not peel at all? If you have, then you can understand the frustration caused by badly cut stickers and if you haven’t then say thanks to your printers for using the correct cutting methods. Sticker cutting is essential in the overall process of printing stickers, without it then a sticker would be useless. The top 3 methods to sticker cutting are: Die-Cut, Kiss Cut, and Transfer Cut.


Top 3 Methods to Sticker Cutting - Die Cut

Die cut stickers are cut directly through the vinyl sticker and backing to form a custom shape of your choosing. Die cut stickers are great for promotional items, swag bags, or simply to have at checkout for your customers to take. They are clean cut, easy to peel and visually appealing. Normally these stickers have a cut and peel feature on the backing making it easier to peel apart. Lastly, these stickers are the most popular method since they are aesthetically pleasing and easy to handle.

Kiss Cut

Top 3 Methods to Sticker Cutting - Kiss Cut

Kiss cut stickers are only cut through the vinyl sticker leaving the backing intact. These stickers are great for sticker sheets, promotional items, and to adhere to packages. They are easier and quicker to peel which is ideal for any business that is constantly peeling and sticking onto packages, envelopes, and boxes. Also, you can print on the extra vinyl border around your sticker which makes the possibilities endless! Use the extra vinyl space to display your company’s website, social media, or simply to put a fun border. Kiss cut is also ideal for stickers that have delicate designs since the paper backing adds extra protection.

Transfer Cut

Top 3 Methods to Sticker Cutting - Transfer Cut

Transfer cut stickers have multiple components that are cut to shape before being transferred onto a surface and removing the background. The transfer cut stickers have three components. The first is the paper backing of the vinyl sheet, followed by the actual sticker, and finished with a top layer of transfer tape. All these components put together allow for an easy transfer onto a variety of surfaces. The key to a great looking transfer sticker is the application. The first step to applying your sticker is to clean the surface that you want to adhere it too. Afterwards remove the paper backing leaving only the transfer tape with the sticker on it. The tape will keep your sticker put together and aligned. Lastly, simply press the transfer tape onto your surface and use a card to apply pressure in a swiping motion before peeling the tape off. Transfer cut stickers are great for automobiles, windows, doors, and any design that should have a clear background.

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