Sticker Guide for Beginners 

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Sticker Guide for Beginners 

What is a sticker?

You may be reading this to get more information on stickers and their various uses, maybe you just need some ideas for your business or maybe you’re looking for a new hobby. Whatever the reason may be, this sticker guide for beginners will answer your questions.

For the ultimate beginner, a sticker is a label that has adhesive that will stick to an object when pressure is applied. Stickers print on various materials with a variety of illustrations. 


To start you off, first you should be familiar with the basic vocabulary of stickers. These terms will be referenced in the remainder of the article and will come in very handy when deciding on your own stickers.

All the following terms have been revised from Merriam-Webster to best describe them in the printing process. 

  • Label: a slip printed on a variety of paper types that is inscribed and adheres to something for identification or description.
  • Decal: a design, or label made to be transferred from specially prepared paper.
  • Vinyl: a polymer of a vinyl compound or a product, a durable material that can withstand weather conditions for approximately 3-5 years. 
  • Static Cling: a type of label/sticker that is made from adding static charge to polypropylene stock. This type of sticker allows for it to be repositioned over time until the static charge is finished.
  • Digital: method of printing that can print full color images for sheets of stickers, rolls, and individual stickers.
  • Screen Printing: method of printing where ink is pushed through a mesh silk screen using a stencil in order to create an image. 
  • Die Cut: method of printing using a blade to cut a sticker into a custom shape.
  • Square Cut:method of printing using a dropping blade to cut the sticker into a square.
  • Kiss Cut :method of printing using a custom shaped blade to cut through a sticker leaving the black lining. This allows for the sticker to be pulled off leaving the back liner un-cut. 

Why use stickers?

You might be thinking, why even bother using a sticker or if it is even worth the extra work. Well this portion of the article will hopefully help make up your mind about that. Stickers can be used for an endless number of things however the most popular reasons are listed below.


Sticker Guide for Beginners - safety sealA safety sticker is a warning or instructional information that can prevent an injury or identify the contents of something. Have you ever seen a piece of machinery that had a huge sticker saying “WARNING!”? If so, then yes, that is in fact a safety sticker so that no one can accidentally touch something they were not supposed to. 

The most common type of safety sticker and/or label are used to warn people of hazards they may encounter on their daily tasks. This can include warning labels for biohazard waste, high voltage, poison, hot surfaces, fragile items, allergy warnings, etc. These types of warning labels you can encounter day to day without realizing they are custom printed labels! 


 Stickers are also a great way to express yourself through design! Interior designers use custom stickers as a cost-efficient way to warm up any space. The most popular method of decorating with custom stickers is to do graphics on the walls of any space. A popular design is to do a live size cut out of a child’s favorite baseball player to stick on their wall or to do a child’s favorite show cast or band. These are actually wall decals because the customer transfers the sticker from the sheet to the wall.

Another popular decorative sticker are vinyl stickers which people use to customize every-day objects. If you have ever seen a group of motorcyclists with the same logos on their helmets its most likely thanks to a custom vinyl sticker! Sports teams may use custom stickers as a more cost-efficient way to show their individuality.


Wall decals bring a different sense to ‘window shopping’ then you may be thinking of. Office spaces tend to use stickers to decorate their spaces since it can be fully customizable and cost-efficient. You could get a custom wall decal of your company’s logo to put above your waiting room, or the company’s mission statement can be shown above the office space to motivate the staff. 

Wall decals are a necessity for businesses to stick on their store front windows to help be identified. You could use a custom sticker to identify your house of operations, specials/sales, and company logos.


One of the first things that may come to your mind when hearing the word “sticker” is that far off memory of putting stickers on your notebooks, lunchbox, even putting your favorite stickers into a notepad so you could save them forever. This memory is something that most people have in common, however there is a community of people who still enjoy that feeling of saving their favorite stickers. This community of sticker hobbyist is extremely broad and can include a variety of hobby’s, some of these include: Planner Enthusiast, Bumper Stickers and Classroom Stickers. 

How can stickers help grow a business?

Stickers are a cost-efficient way to style any business especially for a small business. If you are a start-up business, a small business, or even still an idea for a business then stickers are something to consider! Stickers allow you to create a fully customizable, affordable, and versatile way to incorporate your brand into your business. 


As a growing business you may not be able to afford those custom bags, tags, or boxes that you hope for. In this case, stickers would be a great alternative! They would allow you to put your business logo, website, and social media all on a stylish, efficient sticker. 

Some small businesses prefer stickers because they can use generic packaging methods but enclose them with a custom sticker. Another option is putting your custom stickers into every package, this allows the customer to put your company’s logo on their own personal things which is free marketing for you! 


As a small business it can be very overwhelming to constantly be thinking about future projects while maintaining your existing business. One steppingstone that can help lead to future marketing techniques is working on brand recognition. Brand recognition is a key aspect to a business and creates the foundation for future marketing techniques. You can help build your brand recognition by promoting your logo, mission statement, and slogan. What better way to spread brand awareness than a low cost, stylish, custom sticker! 

Sticker Guide for Beginners -die cut


Who doesn’t love free things? Well, stickers can help you achieve some free marketing! Businesses tend to create stickers for their company that have the business logo, slogan, or catchy image. These stickers are then either given out with orders for free to the customer or even sold in the store! Selling a sticker in your store with that states your company’s information and some graphic art is a win-win for everyone. Your customer gets to purchase a sticker they enjoy and place it anywhere such as their water bottle, laptop, phone case, and notebooks. Furthermore, you are not only are making a profit off that sticker but you are also achieving some free marketing depending on where that sticker is placed.  


Business morale means how an employee’s views their workplace, daily tasks, and attitude towards their job. Building Morale within a business may not seem like a priority but in the long run it is something to focus on. Helping to build business morale within a company means to build respect, motivation, and a positive attitude. There are several ways that stickers than help build business morale such as free items and customized office décor. 

What sticker is best for you?

At this point, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with how many types of stickers exist. There is a whole world of stickers that allows for you to find a sticker that best suits your needs! The remainder of this article will list the most popular types of stickers.


Sticker Guide for Beginners -static clingThis sticker is ideal if you are planning on repositioning the sticker or moving it around over time. When repositioning this sticker, it does not leave any adhesive residue on the surface which its placed. To place the sticker, simply smooth it over the surface which should be either glass or plastic. Most static cling labels are clear vinyl which means you can position them using the back or the front.

  • Easily repositioned leaving no residue behind
  • Ideally used for glass or plastic
  • Great for car windows to stick on the inside or outside.


Vinyl stickers are the most common type of sticker you will see day-to-day. They are weather and chemical resistant for years to last. Vinyl stickers allow for an easy application on curved outdoor and indoor surfaces. You most likely have seen vinyl stickers on rental equipment, windows, and even cars. Vinyl’s are great for using them on plastic, glass, and metal.

  • Most common type of sticker
  • Weather and chemical resistant 
  • Versatile material thats used on a variety of nonporous surfaces

Custom Die Cut Label Large

DIE-CUT single stickers

A die-cut single sticker is a sticker that has been cut with a laser through the backing allowing it to be cut into any shape. This is the ideal sticker if you are looking to have your logo made into a sticker! These stickers are scratch and weather resistant. If you are planning on giving some free stickers with purchases for some free marketing, I would recommend choosing a die-cut sticker. 

  • Affordable prices while being fully customizable
  • Scratch and weather resistant
  • Great choice for any sticker meant to have your logo


A kiss-cut sticker is the ideal sticker if you are looking to make sticker sheets! Kiss-cut means that a laser cuts the sticker outline but leaves just the backing. This means you can peel the sticker off the sheet and have the backing remain on the sticker. As a kid this was the most common type of sticker you would see. Teachers hand out sticker booklets and children can peel away at them.  Kiss-Cut stickers allow for the sticker outline to be cut into any shape.

  • Ideal for sticker booklets or sheets
  • Allow for versatile sticker shapes 
  • Great for artists who sell artwork stickers

At we offer a variety of different stickers and labels that are sure to meet your business needs. Most of our templates are completely customizable and print with your company information. If you need further help finding the best sticker for your project just let us know! Our team is here to help you find the best custom printed stickers for your business.

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