What happens when a full color image is printed on a multi-part NCR form?

Posted on September 3, 2013, by Progressive Printing Team

Printing a full-color logo on a business form will visually engage your customers and the more they are exposed to your logo, the more memorable your logo becomes.

But what happens when you print that full color image on NCR paper? The image comes out brilliant on the white sheet but what about the pink and yellow sheets?

Here is an example of what happens:

Only the white page is printed in full color because of the change you see above. Gradients disappear almost completely and the colors become dull. The pink and yellow pages should be printed in grayscale. You can chance printing your full-color image on all three parts but it isn’t recommended.

At Printit4Less we offer our customers the option of printing their custom forms in full-color. However, we will print your full-color image on the top sheet. The pink and yellow sheets will be printed in grayscale to ensure that they can be read and that they look professional.