How to set up a business card using InDesign

Posted on December 16, 2013, by Progressive Printing Team

pool-bc For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be setting up this business card for print using Adobe InDesign. The artwork has been created in a separate program and will be imported in. While InDesign is great for page set up, creating original artwork is best left to vector drawing programs like Illustrator.

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Business Forms: Loose-leaf vs. Books

Posted on December 6, 2013, by Progressive Printing Team

businessformsbooks1When ordering invoice forms for your business, you are offered the choice of receiving your order loose-leaf or having your forms bound into books. At Printit4Less, books are made by stapling 50 sets of perforated forms into a manila covered booklet. If you decide against the books, your forms arrive loose-leaf.

While books do cost a little extra, over time they will save you money.

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Designing a Work Order Form in Photoshop

Posted on November 25, 2013, by Progressive Printing Team

HVAC finishPhotoshop is usually not the recommended program for creating business forms. But if you’re wanting to design your own business form and Photoshop is all you have, you can still create a nice form without having to buy more expensive programs. The end result will essentially be the same; a professional form you can fully customize to fit what you’re looking for.

Creating custom business forms in Photoshop is easy as it only requires three main tools: lines and shapes, inserting text, and placing images. Because we are using basic tools, if you have another photo editing program other than Photoshop, you could probably follow along using that instead.

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What does it mean to add consecutive numbering to forms?

Posted on November 8, 2013, by Progressive Printing Team

Invoice numbering

Numbering forms means that numbers will be printed in consecutive order on your forms. For example, if your starting number is 0001 and you’ve ordered 500 forms, then your forms will be numbered from 0001-0501 in ascending order. This reference number is usually located at the top right and printed in red ink. However, it can be printed on any side of the form as long as there is room for the printer to print the numbers.

Other printed material, like valet tickets, can also have sequential numbering.

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Do I Need Terms & Conditions on My Forms?

Posted on October 14, 2013, by Progressive Printing Team

courthouseHow many people are guilty of skimming legal agreements? The terms are often long and filled with legal jargon that only lawyers and a select few others can understand. So if few people take the time to read the terms and conditions, are they really that important to have on your form?

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What goes on an Annual Vehicle Inspection Report Checklist?

Posted on October 7, 2013, by Progressive Printing Team

606Annual Vehicle Inspection Reports are used when a motor vehicle undergoes inspection to ensure that it meets government regulated safety and emissions standards. These inspections can be required when a title is transferred, before renewing a license plate, or as part of a periodic motor vehicle inspection. The purpose of these inspections are to ensure that every vehicle is road safe.

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What happens when a full color image is printed on a multi-part NCR form?

Posted on September 3, 2013, by Progressive Printing Team

Printing a full-color logo on a business form will visually engage your customers and the more they are exposed to your logo, the more memorable your logo becomes.

But what happens when you print that full color image on NCR paper? The image comes out brilliant on the white sheet but what about the pink and yellow sheets?

Here is an example of what happens:

Only the white page is printed in full color because of the change you see above. Gradients disappear almost completely and the colors become dull. The pink and yellow pages should be printed in grayscale. You can chance printing your full-color image on all three parts but it isn’t recommended.

At Printit4Less we offer our customers the option of printing their custom forms in full-color. However, we will print your full-color image on the top sheet. The pink and yellow sheets will be printed in grayscale to ensure that they can be read and that they look professional.

Using Door Hangers as a Marketing Tool

Posted on August 20, 2013, by Progressive Printing Team

landscaping door hangersThere are so many choices to make when it comes to marketing. Mailers, newspaper ads, billboards, commercials, social media and now door hangers have been thrown into the mix. But how good of a marketing tool is a door hanger?

For local businesses, door hangers could be a customer gold mine.

Mailers are easier but more expensive and most of them go from the mailbox straight to the trashcan. Consumers rarely open mailers. The biggest challenge is getting them to open that plain white envelope. Door hangers, however, are right at the consumer’s fingertips. A potential customer has to remove your door hanger from their door but by that time they’ve already seen your eye-catching advertisement without needing to remove it from an envelope.

Many of the same marketing tips that apply to mailers and ads also apply to door hangers:

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Bill of Lading forms

Posted on August 12, 2013, by Progressive Printing Team

What are Bill of Lading forms?

A bill of lading is a formal contract between a shipper and a carrier detailing the transportation of goods.

What are other terms for Bill of Lading?

  • BOL
  • B/L
  • Waybill

Who uses bill of lading forms?

Companies that ship any kind of goods or merchandise should issue a bill of lading to a carrier. Carriers that need a BOL are typically trucks, trains, air freights and ships.

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What is Your Resolution?

Posted on July 26, 2013, by Progressive Printing Team

resolution cleaning special

In the graphics’ world, resolution can make or break your day. It’s very important to have images that are high resolution because it determines the quality of your picture. But what is resolution?

Resolution is how much detail one image holds. It’s measured by how many pixels there are per inch (ppi). The higher the ppi the better quality of the image.

For printing, it’s best to have images no less than 300ppi. Otherwise, there is a chance that your images will print pixelated and grainy.

How can you find the resolution of your image?

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