What does it mean to add consecutive numbering to forms?

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Invoice numbering

Numbering forms means that numbers will be printed in consecutive order on your forms. For example, if your starting number is 0001 and you’ve ordered 500 forms, then your forms will be numbered from 0001-0501 in ascending order. This reference number is usually located at the top right and printed in red ink. However, it can be printed on any side of the form as long as there is room for the printer to print the numbers.

Other printed material, like valet tickets, can also have sequential numbering.

How is numbering used?

Consecutive numbering is used to keep a more organized filing system for customer records, purchases and payments received. Companies also use invoice numbers when writing taxes because the numbers can be quickly traced to the appropriate files, making the task not only easier but more accurate.

Can I use letters along with numbers?

It depends on your printer. Some printing companies are only set up to print number sequences because a separate printer prints the numbers onto the forms. However, if you need to have letters with your numbering, the below example is a solution. Lettersandnumbers

Why should I number my forms?

Numbering your business forms can save you time and money.

Often, a number will be easier to reference than a person’s name or company when a client calls to get information about their account. Names can be misspelled, so having an automatically generated number to fall back on will save you time and grief.

Assigning invoice numbers to your employees, contractors and/or subcontractors to use in the field will help you keep track of how many forms they have and how many they’ve used. This helps eliminate some of the shortages you may have because you will know when an invoice goes missing.

Numbering your purchase orders will also help you keep track of shortages and general money flow. You will be able to cross reference your payments and the shipments received by tracing the number on the receipt to your original agreement. There can’t be a dispute about whether or not you have the right documents if both documents have matching invoice numbers.

Having your forms numbered is rather inexpensive and will assist you in organizing your company records.

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