Using Door Hangers as a Marketing Tool

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landscaping door hangersThere are so many choices to make when it comes to marketing. Mailers, newspaper ads, billboards, commercials, social media and now door hangers have been thrown into the mix. But how good of a marketing tool is a door hanger?

For local businesses, door hangers could be a customer gold mine.

Mailers are easier but more expensive and most of them go from the mailbox straight to the trashcan. Consumers rarely open mailers. The biggest challenge is getting them to open that plain white envelope. Door hangers, however, are right at the consumer’s fingertips. A potential customer has to remove your door hanger from their door but by that time they’ve already seen your eye-catching advertisement without needing to remove it from an envelope.

Many of the same marketing tips that apply to mailers and ads also apply to door hangers:

1. Easy to read fonts
2. Interesting images
3. New and innovative content
4. Professional printing
5. Find your target audience

Content is probably the most important thing on this list. If you treat your door hangers like a coupon, you are more likely to attract new business. The words SPECIAL OFFER will grab the attention of your target audience more than just the name of your business. Plus, it shows that you have something important to tell them that they need to know. And saving money is always important!

If you just want to announce your new business by placing door hangers around town, then make sure you have an advertising hook. Tell your potential customers something they didn’t already know that pertains to your business. Forhvac door hanger example, at Printit4Less we offer customers the chance to modify changes on anything they order from us free of charge. It’s not something many businesses do and could sway potential customers into trying us out over our competitors. No hidden fees here!

Getting your door hangers printed by a high quality printer is highly recommended. You could have the best images and layout but if the print quality is poor then you’ve just tossed that professional design out the window. Consumers are more likely to take their business somewhere that has put time and effort into getting their ads printed right. What you put out always reflects on your business.

And then there is your target audience. Great content and eye-catching design will only get you so far. It is important to canvass your area and see where your potential customers live. A development with new houses being built is a good place to start, especially for landscaping companies, professional cleaners, and pool services.

If you know that a door hanger will help your business but you’re a little stuck on the design part, Printit4Less has a variety of door hanger templates to choose from. Each one is customizable to fit your company’s needs.

If you already have a door hanger designed, Printit4Less can print it for you! Check out our custom design door hangers.

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