Why You Need Custom Reflective Shirts

Posted on September 2, 2022, by Progressive Printing Team

Custom Reflective Polos

We all know the safety benefits of reflective gear. Construction crews, traffic controllers, landscapers and factory workers all wear some kind of reflective gear to reduce the risk of work related injuries. The bright safety vests or shirts increase the chances of the wearer being seen by incoming traffic or by machine operators. This doesn’t guarantee that no injuries will occur but it does help with visibility. However, do you know why you need custom reflective shirts?

Custom reflective shirts advertises your business

Custom reflective shirts essentially turn your crew into walking billboards. The reflective shirts are made to catch everyone’s eye, right? Why not add your business name, logo and phone number and increase the chances of your services getting some recognition? The cost of customizing reflective shirts is minimal compared to the long term benefits.

Does your crew wear their uniforms places other than the job site? Whenever your staff takes their lunch break or makes a stop before or after work, the first thing potential customers are going to notice is the bright clothing! The second thing potential customers will notice is your logo on the shirt. Custom shirts are a great cost-saving way to advertise your business since they go wherever your employee goes!

Custom shirts identify your staff

There are many circumstances out there where it’s beneficial for everyone to know who is who on a job site. If you’re subcontracting your services to a construction company that is working with other subcontractors then it’s good to know whose doing what job. The same for landscapers when it comes to commercial and residential work. Customers like to know who is on the property and if they have a right to be there.  It puts everyone’s mind at ease when they can tell at one glance why someone is on the premises.