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What is an Invoice?

Posted on December 12, 2019, by Progressive Printing Team

What is an Invoice?

An invoice is essentially a bill. Invoices are a professional document that denotes a transaction between business owner and client. Invoices come in a variety of ways including electronic, app-based, carbonless pads, or personalized invoice books. Furthermore, there are many different types of invoicing including: Standard, Interim, Pro Forma, Commercial, Recurring, Final and Past Due. While all of these contain the same specific elements, they can come in many shapes, sizes as well as styles. Do you know which style is the right fit for you?

Invoicing 101

There is much to learn about this subject before plunging head first into the business world. In addition to the types of forms mentioned above, there are also many pitfalls to avoid. Conditions of payments, when to hire a lawyer, and the future of these paper trails will effect the choices you make.

To help you navigate this expansive world of invoicing, we’ve created a in-depth guide that covers the following key elements:What is an Invoice?

  • What is Invoicing?
  • The Anatomy of a form
  • Payment Terms
  • Types of forms
  • Methods for Payment
  • Formats 
  • How Apps are Changing the Game
  • Simple Templates
  • How to Prevent Not Being Paid
  • What Happens When Payments Aren’t Invoiced?
  • The Future of Invoicing

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