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Custom Koozies

Posted on January 14, 2022, by Progressive Printing Team

Custom Koozies for Every Occasion!

Custom Koozies make the best promotional personalized gift! Koozies are cost efficient, memorable, functional and are extremely simple to order. These Koozies are made of 3.5 mm “Scuba” Fabric on Foam which will keep your drinks cold and hands dry. If you have ever enjoyed a cold drink outside (especially in the summer) then you’ll know that Koozies are essential, nobody wants a warm drink so give your drink some coverage! Koozies are also a great way to get free marketing for your business or to celebrate a special occasion. Get your own custom Koozies for your next sports event, family vacation, or business gathering. Everyone loves receiving a thoughtful personalized gift, and what’s better then something that also keeps your brews cold!

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Designing a Job Work Order Form in Microsoft Word

Posted on April 27, 2017, by Progressive Printing Team

Job work order forms are a written contract between you and a client for services or materials. The most common elements found on a work order include customer’s billing and shipping address, customer’s name, ordered by, order taken by, description of work, materials, and an authorized signature. The order form may also include employee time spent on the job.

What goes on your work order depends on your industry and how you run your business. The best part of designing your own form is that you have complete control over layout and design. You can leave out the parts you don’t need in favor of expanding the areas that need the most space.

To help you get started, let’s take a look at creating a simple work order form using Microsoft Word. For this business, we will focus the most on creating a large area for materials and job description.

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