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Recycle, Reduce, ReuseGreen Design is currently a hot topic. In today’s ever changing world, concerns regarding sustainability are at the forefront of public attention. An increasing number of people want to be associated with the green movement so that they can be seen as ecologically responsible. We all know that we should be reducing, reusing and recycling; unfortunately, many companies do not know how to implement these changes to their daily business activities. On a personal level, the local government and municipalities have made recycling easy by providing recycling bins and access to recycling centers to the public. However, transferring this practice from the personal level to the business level may appear to be a more daunting task.

The paper industry is the third largest air, land and water polluter in both America and Canada. Green Printing Companies can have a huge positive impact on the amount of paper waste generated from marketing and printed materials. This is only possible by integrating sustainable practices into the entire printing & design process.

Some of the steps taken by pioneering Green Printers & Designers:

  • Producing designs that promote sustainability by showcasing “greener” “Eco-friendly” imagery. Green Designs can also encourage users to reuse or recycle products and packaging.
  • Offer information in your printed design to assist and educate the end user in how to best dispose of the product.
  • Promote the ecologically friendly mindset by setting an example. Use recycled materials and environmentally friendly inks when producing printed products.
  • When designing product packaging, create a design that can have a dual use.
  • Inform your clients that your company has a green sustainability mindset and that you company is practicing what it preaches. This is achievable for any business regardless of its size. Even a small contractor can show their commitment to the environment by making sure that their contract and invoice forms are printed on recycled papers using soy ink.

Today, Green Printing & Design is a choice, but there will come a day when it will be the normal or even required. It is time to improve our business practices that are based on short-term conveniences and move on to practices that will help in building a healthier environment.

At Print It 4 Less, we have shown our commitment to this cause by printing our products on only recycled paper with soy based inks. If you have used us in the past or plan to use us for your next project, you can rest assured in knowing that we use the highest environmentally friendly practices in our print shop. So join us in the Eco-Friendly Green Movement.

What will be your next step towards protecting our highly vulnerable planet? We would love to hear your ideas and questions.

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