The Anatomy of a Great Business Card

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Business cards are perhaps some of the most common print advertising. They earned their popularity mostly by convenience. They are easy to carry, distribute and impress prospective clients when done right. The anatomy of a great business card lends to this success.

Business cards need not only to be informational, but they need to be great marketing as well. A great business card will effectively convey the message, demeanor and purpose of your business…. In a very small, highly portable amount of space.

Studies have shown that two thirds of people don’t look at business cards handed to them because they don’t find them engaging. While studies have shown than many do not look at the cards, over 80% say they keep them. Your business card needs to be “dressed for success”.

What is the best paper for business cards?

Paper for business cardsWhile your business card should never be printed on cheap looking paper, the actual paper type can vary depending on the clients you are trying to impress. The paper is really important…. It is the first sense your client uses to measure you up.

Heavy linen, textured and generally very expensive looking paper stock should be utilized when the clientele is of an above average income or social standing. It should also be said that it’s not very effective to sell high dollar products and services with cheap paper business cards. Let’s face it they expect that you have the money to have nice cards, but have choose not to.

If your business tends to be very “Green” or Eco-Friendly, then recycled paper is an excellent choice to reinforce your position with like minded clients. This is especially important if you sell or provide “Green” products/services…. Your clients expect this.

Metallic and other flashy card stocks are really for very glamorous marketing such as jewelry, music and other very “artistic” products and services. These “loud” and “flashy” business cards will need to be prepared to “create a buzz” at cocktail parties and events.

Generally speaking you need to have a card stock which feels “like” quality paper, is fairly stiff and tends to be very colorfast. Remember the feel of the paper is the very first impression your cards will make!

Real Estate Business CardsShould my picture be on my business card?

While many people avoid this like the plague, it is very highly effective. Having your picture on your business card helps people remember who, where and how they got your business card. It helps people identify you when meeting your client somewhere or  they are visiting your place of business. Most importantly, though you may not realize this, your picture installs trust in potential clients. They feel closer to you, like they know you. Clients who feel this “trust” and “relationship” are far more likely to call you or visit your website when they require your services. It is very common to see real estate business cards with a picture of the agent. Big firms know this helps to make the sale.

Do people like double sided business cards?

While double sided business cards give you more room to say what you need, they also can become overwhelming and confusing. Double sided printing should only be done if the entire card is clean, clear and organized. Even at that you might want to reconsider. You see, many people use the back of a business card for notes, phone numbers and an array of different items that may not even be related to your business. However, this does give them one more reason to keep and refer back to your card!

What about vertical business cards?

Vertical business cards are still very non-traditional. If you think you want a vertical design versus the traditional horizontal design then consider this: People in clearly traditional or structural businesses will likely not be impressed. They may even decide that you are too “hip” for their “old school” needs.

Should I have more than 1 style?

Remember, your card should not only reflect your business, but should also be at home where you plan to use them. So if you hand them out at trade shows, you may want a more traditional card to suit more client types, while dinner parties and show openings may warrant a much more impressive business card to engage people.

Buying business cards is often one of the first things a new business owner sets out to do. It makes us feel accomplished. Doing business cards right is going to make you feel accomplished and smart! As always, feel free to ask us about business cards, our experience or any questions you may have. Our goal is for you to have the business cards and advise you need to be successful in whatever your business is.

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