How to Make Your Company Stand Out in a Drastically Digital World

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 Social Media AdvertisingWith continuous advances in technology, industries of all kinds are working hard to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in order to remain a top contender. More so than ever before, businesses are using digital marketing techniques to promote their brand–and while the printing industry may seem like an ancient concept, according to recent reports, print is not only coming back with a bang, it’s also trending.

A 2017 article published by PrintingImpressions stated that Idealliance is anticipating that commercial printing industry sales will grow from 1.5% to 3.0% in 2018. Why the sudden increase in sales? For one, successful marketing (in this day and age) is largely equated with how well a company can advertise through personalization and visualization. In fact, the marketing realm relies heavily on visually communicating with the customer. More and more businesses are coming up with creative ways to use digital media to spread their message and raise brand awareness. With the revival of print, you don’t only have to stand out online, there’s an entire offline world ready to be explored. Equipped with some pointers from our fellow Vistaprint Corporate, and thorough research of our own, we’re here to tell you what your company can do to not get lost in the digital crowd.

How can my business stand out?

 1. Print and digital marketing make a powerful combo.

That’s right. Print and digital marketing continue to cross paths. Marketing campaigns often incorporate both mediums when promoting a brand. For example, it’s not uncommon to see social media links on business cards. Magazine and newspaper industries have online versions of their latest editions, but they still send out hard, print copies. And although a company may have a social media platform with an impressive following, they may still use traditional marketing tools like brochures, posters, labels, or even the traditional company holiday card. Cross-marketing is very effective and demonstrates that your company knows how to utilize all kinds of channels. It also shows that you care about the consumer demographics who aren’t tech-savvy!

2. Less can be more.

Less can be more

We understand it’s easy to get caught up in the competitive digital marketing race. Companies are constantly trying to find new, innovative ways to reach their audience and capture their attention. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s important to note: successful marketing doesn’t usually happen overnight. It’s a process that involves a lot of thought, strategy, and most importantly–researching your target audience. Although it’s tempting to come up with contemporary and trendy designs, keep in mind that it might not appeal to key consumers that are more traditional than say, the millennial demographic. Because of this, most businesses are opting for a more simplistic style. Colors are also crucial, with bold colors standing out. When thinking about your brand’s messages, consider how you can tell your story using as little text as possible. Infographics are an effective visual way to do so. The texture is also becoming progressively popular, with companies using embellishments such as raised text or premium stock on their business cards to distinguish their brands.

3. Use the same thing, for something entirely different.

Have you ever seen a store’s rewards card that looks similar to a business card? It’s called re-purposing your products! Think of other ways you can promote your brand besides traditional methods. Thinking outside the box often opens up doors to creativity and uniqueness!

4. Make your products accessible and your order process uncomplicated.

We cannot express the importance of this enough. If your company sells, make sure you have a platform where customers can easily purchase, customize, and order exactly what they want. The harder the process, the more discouraged the user will become. At, we ensure the ordering process is as straightforward as possible–and receive considerable positive customer feedback because of it!

5. Be available to help.Help Your Customers

 The timeless concept that we all need sometimes: help. More companies are implementing ways to chat online when a customer needs assistance. The idea in itself is a great marketing tool: it shows you care and it creates a more personalized connection with the user. Whether it’s a direct message or a live chat, make sure you’re there when your customers need you.

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