Got your Invoice Proof? Now what?

January 28, 2013 4:40 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Proofreading IconYou’ve chosen the template that best suits you, sent your company’s information to us and we’ve created your completely customized invoice proof from our template, complete with your company name, address, logo and slogan, €”now what? The invoice-proofing process can be confusing the first time around. What do I look for? Are there any changes I should make?

To help you out through this process we’ve put together a list of things to look at, and approve, on your custom-made invoice proof. So look over the PDF proof we sent you and examine these 5 elements:

  • Look at the native or scanned file(s) you sent over for your logo. Did they come out properly? Are they pixelated, skewed or otherwise altered? These elements can change when saving and opening a document in different formats, like Excel for example, so they must be double checked before printing.
  • Check out the overall customized template to ensure it appears perfectly. Examine the fine lines, boxes, sections, etc. Do they look perfect? If not, tell us because they are templates created by us, so we can personalize any aspect of them!
  • Examine each word to ensure it appears correctly (and looks good to you!) because because sometimes words can appear differently when fonts are changed.
  • If there are any boxes and/or tables on your template, ensure that they appear properly and contain enough space for you and your customers. Sometimes tables and boxes can go ‘out of whack’ when file formats are changed.
  • So how’d we do? Despite using the template of your choosing, and sending over the exact information you want, sometimes there are small changes the customers would like us to make for them. And we’re happy to do it. Simply reply to the email describing the changes you like us to make in your invoice proof or put your comments into ‘remarks’ in the PDF file and we’ll make the adjustments and will email you a revised proof for your review and approval.

How to Make Remarks on a PDF File

First, open the PDF file in Adobe Reader (if you don’t have it you can download it here). Then open the “Tools” menu and scroll down to “Comment and Markup”. With this tool you can do “text edits” (where it crosses out the original text and write in new text), sticky notes (little yellow bubbles you can use to add comments), arrows (to point out exactly where an error is), etc.

Once you’ve marked up all the notes you created while revising the document, send it on back to us and we’ll fix’er up!

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