Designing a Pest Control Form

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A form can make or break your business. Forms that lack essential information can lead to inventory head aches, jobs done wrong, and loss of income. The goal of this tutorial is to lessen the head ache that comes from designing a form and get you started in the right direction.

Service Type:


Think about the customers you have or the customers you would like to have. Will they be a one time job or more consistent? Think about the services you offer and how often these services need to be implemented. For example, you wont fertilize more than twice a year but you might do a pest control spray on the lawn monthly. How will you mark this on the form so that you know what services your customers have ordered and when you need to show up? Having a checklist that looks like the above will make life easier for you.



What bugs do you offer treatment against? Which ones do you battle the most? Make sure those pests are listed here.


activityWhen inspecting a house, will you be able to remember every pest you see? What about a new employee? Having a list in front of you to check off will save you time. Make sure the pests you run into the most are listed in this section and of course remove any that aren’t applicable to your region.

Products Applied:

productsTime to go through your inventory. What kind of insecticides are sitting on your shelf?

Having a list of what you use in front of you will help you cover all methods of approach with your customers.

Ant problems? What kinds of ant bait do you have on hand? This particular list includes MaxForce gels or granules, Terro, and Advance Granules but if you prefer other brands you can have those listed instead.

What about other infestations like roaches, spiders, ticks, and other creepers? Would you recommend spray treatments that form barriers like Precor 2000 or granules like Talstar that penetrate the soil and kills pests where they nest? Or maybe you prefer the sneak attack with Phantom, or similar products, that are non-repellent but when the insects come in contact with it, they carry the insecticide back to the nest where the whole colony will die.

Many customers that look at your form might not know you offer treatment for weeds. Having Fertilizer and Atrazine. or other weed killing products, will open up discussions about different kinds of pests. Even fungus.

A checklist like this will be a good reference point when dealing with a customer with a huge pest problem. You will be able to see what has been applied in the past, if it is time for a new treatment, or time for a new plan of attack if you’ve exhausted all of the other treatment options available.

Customer Recommendations:

recommWhile you’re inspecting their home for crawling invaders, you will come across things you might see that are problem areas. Your customers might not even be aware these issues exist or may not know they’re an issue. If you like to recommend changes to your customers, having a list of those common issues will help cover everything you’ve seen while investigating.

Cutting trees and foliage back keeps pest away from the walls of the home but also allows you better access to the baseboards. If you can’t see, you can’t do your job and your customers should be aware of that.

Not every home owner will be aware of cracks, holes and other entry areas. Be sure you have a place to list these.

If the majority of your customers have large properties, it might be helpful to make your form a full page and add a grid to your form so you can easily mark down and find where problem areas are.


All of the checklists can be customized to fit your business needs.



Every form needs a section for payment. It might also be wise to add in a line about job completion and have the customers sign their receipt.

Thank you:


It’s always nice seeing a “Thank you” on a form. So if you have extra room at the bottom, why not add it in?

Once you have finished gathering up all of the information you need on your form, it might look something like this (or like this Termite and Pest Control form if you needed a graph):


Now that you have a good idea about what should be on your pest control form, head over to Printit4Less’s Pest Control Work Order Invoice and order yours today. We will customize it with your company details and once you receive a proof, you can reply back and make any changes that need to be added or taken away.

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