Should I Add My Picture To My Business Card?

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Business-Card-Keller-Williams-106Printing professional pictures on business cards is beneficial for services where a friendly face can make an impact and aide in gaining the trust of potential clients. Adding your picture to your business card will allow your customers to get to know you before they take the next step in acquiring your services. Connecting a face with a company makes the business more approachable and memorable.

Having your picture on your business card may also help you retain clients. When a former customer pulls out your business card and sees your face, they will be instantly reminded about their experience with your company and the qualified professional that handled their account.

Realtors, medical professionals, lawyers and freelancers are just some examples of professionals that have their pictures on their business cards. It helps establish a personal connection to the potential client or returning customer. In a competitive business market, the more memorable you can make your advertisements the better chances you will have at gaining more business.

The next time you order business cards, think about your potential clientele. Would they be more inclined to request the services from someone they’ve seen? has several real estate business card templates that any realtor can choose from, some of which have a place for your portrait. If you have a ready-to-print business card, we do offer custom printed business cards. If you need help getting your card ready to print, our in-house designers will be happy to set the card up for you.

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