Frequently Asked Questions about Tags

Swing tags are most popularly used to attach to articles of clothing to provide customers with the information regarding the garment. They are used for promotional purposes, product details, prices, and sales. Swing tags are also used for organizational purposes in inventory and attaching to equipment for safety purposes.

That depends on what you are looking to use it for! If you are unsure on what size tag to choose then the first step would be to decide what information you would like on the tag. Once you have the information decided, measure out each tag size to see if that would suit your needs for the item it is attached too.

Tag Sizes Illustration

If you are looking for a tag to attach to clothing, the most standard size would be tag #5. If you want a tag similar to a business card size to attach to smaller products then tag #1 and tag #2 would be the best match for you!Tag Sizes Illustration


Our custom tags are printed on heavy card stock. They are durable, sturdy tags intended to be hung to various items, the possibilities are endless!

Once your order is placed our design will email you a proof within 24 hours to view the tag and make any changes you’d like (free of cost!). Afterwards, production time for tags can vary, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions to view our production time at the moment.